Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Bye bye baby, bye bye.. bye bye..

Oh hey.. this blog is closed now. 4 point something years, 600 and something posts, more than 50,000 readers... I think that's enough. Anyway, I hardly ever have drinks after work any more, so...

The good news is that I have started a new one: Photos Of My Cat. While there will certainly be photos of my cat featured, the title may not be entirely ingenuous. I will also be keeping up the intrepid music journalism on the Foxy Digitalis blog.


Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Food pr0n

From Vulcan Cafe, in Vulcan Lane in downtown Auckland City, you might avail yourself of the following:

Be wary though, for it's possibly a traaaaaaaaaaaaap!

Cat pr0n

This foxy beauty currently lives in the SPCA in Rotorua.

I shall have her, I tells ya... and I think I shall call her Sammael.

Friday, August 22, 2008


When life itself seems lunatic, who knows where madness lies?

Perhaps to be too practical is madness
To surrender dreams – this may be madness.
To seek treasure where there is only trash.
Too much sanity may be madness.

And maddest of all, to see life as it is and not as is should be.

-- Miguel de Cervantes

Monday, August 04, 2008


Oh yeah, I shaved all my hair off.

Here I am shorn and cold (note: nipple-tasticness!) / performing an impromptu-Marty Feldman (how the fuck can there be no pictures of him on the Wikipedia page???) impression / demonstrating how one side of my face is paralysed and I can no longer smile properly / or without scaring children.

In the background you can see The Golfer, one of my favourite-ever paintings of mine that I have done ever, even though I look at it now and all I can see are the things that are wrong with it.

I've got some drawings in a group drawing show at ROAR!. The opening is on Thursday night; there's more detail here. The drawings are 'excerpts' from this series which is known as Storyboard for the Movie of the Making of Heroic Cocks Nos. 1 - 3.

get ready for the future, it is murder

The Stumps played the other night.

(photo by Robyn; there're more here.)

We played with The Aesthetics, who do and did rule hard. They are fronted by Matt Middleton (the also-amazing Crude); Matt recently posted a review of the show on his blog:

the Stumps performance was ideal for the headline act, and even more so - they were mind-blowing...a whirlwind. Loosely their sound is Heavy psyche - with that crazed amphetaminized guitar sheen,,with that unpredictable improv shock, like Eye they were vortex music but with a chunky post-rock approach. 'Twas evokation music. 'Don't mess with shit you don't understand man..' ..Visuals played a very strong part : behind them was the film 'God Damn Religion' by Sun City Girls' Sir Richard Bishop : a flick-thru/slide-gallery/fast-paced compendium of static full colour images gleaned from the dusty annals of ancient religion, both east and west - hells, devils, demons, hindu hells, tibetan hells, torment, christ's torment: a real bias t'wards the dark side methinks. All up a mad soiree.. I am now a Stumps fan.

We hardly ever get reviewed, so to get a review like this is fucking terrific.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Doan harass me for not behavin' correkkt when I only wantta slide mah arm roun' yr neck

In other news, after spending months twatting on about mai new house, lo and behold I need a new house. I also need a new painting studio. These two things may be at the same property, or they could be at different but relatively adjacent locations. I'd like both to be in Newtown, but that's up for negotiation. If you're reading this and you've got a lead on a good studio, or a flat and/or a useful garage or a shed/sleep-out kinda thing PLEASE let me know. Ugh.. is any of this making sense? My heads in a bit of a spin...

Kode9 - Victims (feat. The Spaceape) (2.63 MB mp3: right-click and Save As to download; play using the handy little embedded player below)

... from Kode9 and the Spaceape's amazing Memories of the Future album.

Five broken hearts can't be wrong

Possible candidate for best Dinosaur Comics ever...

(Previous props...)

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Try to take Dawn Raid away from me and I'll show you the G in me!

Characteristic humourlessness from the anti-anti-terrorism raids lot:

You can distinguish this from the previously reported "non-tagger tagger" guy because that guy was funny.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Got your cue lines and a handful of ludes

Now that the Asian Haven in Millward Street is going to be diversifying into haircutting...

Asian Haven Asian Haven Asian Haven Asian Haven

I might pop in there for my next trim. I trust it'll cost a little less than their standard rates, too (30 Minutes : 100$, 1 Hour : 140$).

Stuff: Brothel may offer fringe benefits (ho ho ho)
Clients of a Newtown brothel could soon purchase extra services from its menu, with plans afoot for a hair salon to open in the bordello.....